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american association of swine practitioners

American Association of Swine Practitioners is a group of dedicated individuals who interface on a daily basis with swine industry to provide diagnostic services, emergency treatment, health certification for exports, herd health management and disease prevention strategies and its specific objectives are to provide continuing education and scientific updates to the membership who have special interests swine practice, research and the pork industry. The AASP is composed of swine veterinarians from private practice, the federal and provincial governments, the pharmaceutical industry, academia and animal health laboratories. Veterinary students are given a sound basic knowledge of swine management and diseases by these practitioners. The AASP along with the regional associations plays an important role in professional development after graduation. Many members of the AASP publish papers in refereed scientific journals. Members also present papers at the annual regional conferences, Leman Conference and the American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV).  A Board Certification program was instituted in 1991 by the AASV in order to recognize practitioners with expertise in swine. 

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