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Canadian Association for HIV Research

With a participation of more than 1,000 scientists and others inspired by HIV look into, the Canadian Association for HIV Research (CAHR) is the main association of HIV/AIDS specialists in Canada. CAHR is the arranging body for the Annual Canadian Conference on HIV/AIDS Research (CAHR Conference). CAHR urges Canadian analysts to be pioneers in learning interpretation and to successfully react both to the Canadian and worldwide HIV/AIDS plagues. Since its establishing in 1991, CAHR has advanced perfection in HIV research, including mentorship and profession improvement of examiners entering the field. CAHR cultivates coordinated effort and co-operation among HIV research groups, including essential, clinical and sociologies, the study of disease transmission and general wellbeing. CAHR additionally draws in individuals living with HIV/AIDS and AIDS administration associations in on-going discourse and data trade to guarantee that HIV/AIDS research stays receptive to the scourge and its partners. CAHR is an enlisted philanthropy. As a key a portion of its main goal, CAHR advances the instruction and improvement of the up and coming era of HIV specialists. Notwithstanding the immediate backing of understudies (Master's and Doctoral Research Awards) CAHR conducts an expanding number of preparing workshops which concentrate on the necessities of every one of the four CAHR research tracks (Basic Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Epidemiology and Public Health, Social Sciences), with another emphasis on Community-Based Research. CAHR is additionally attempting to create on-line apparatuses and data items that backing the necessities of youthful specialists.

Foster joint effort and collaboration among HIV research groups, including fundamental science, clinical science, the study of disease transmission and general wellbeing and sociology. Give a bound together voice to Canadian HIV specialists and draw in various partners (group, industry, and Government, NGO's and so on.) in on-going discourse and learning trade to guarantee that HIV research stays receptive to their requirements

CAHR will consider supporting little activities that adjust to its command to: advance brilliance in HIV research; foster joint effort among HIV research groups; or advance instruction and the improvement of new analysts. There are no settled due dates for financing entries: it is suggested however that solicitations be submitted three months preceding the action/occasion keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that there is sufficient time for CAHR to consider the solicitation. Albeit every significant application will be considered, entries ought to exhibit that they fall outside the domain of conventional subsidizing open doors offered by different associations. Kindly note that CAHR won't bolster the working expenses of exploration ventures.

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