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Tilapia, several species and their hybrids of Oreochromis, are the second most important group of farm raised fish in the world. Tilapia farming and consumption are rapidly increasing in the US. Tilapia is now the fifth most popular seafood consumed in the United States.  The ATA is dedicated to the development of a profitable and sustainable industry.  Our member producers and scientists wish to protect the aquatic environment while providing high quality fresh fish to the American consumer. There is a considerable amount of misinformation on various websites posted by groups with various agendas. The information posted here was developed by government, academic and industry scientists from many countries and presented in open technical presentations all over the world. The objective of the American Tilapia Association is to support and facilitate the growth of Tilapia production and consumption within the United States. We are a non-profit organization with goals in education, member information and networking, government interactions and support for research. We welcome the contributions of any information on Tilapia culture, marketing and development from around the world for inclusion in our regular newsletters.

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