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The American Ostrich Association (AOA) is a member driven and recognized national trade association for the American Ostrich industry. With a membership consisting of numerous small and mid-size ranchers, AOA got a collective voice that's a part of any national dialogue regarding livestock and a seat at that table for discussion. Our members have created an industry with consistent growth, a bright future, quality products and a need to depart a long-lasting bequest Members of the American Ostrich Association reach out to other members through networking, periodic seminars, webinars (new) and regional conferences. Starting ranchers have a resource by connecting with veteran ranchers to have technical discussions and finding their way to the marketplace that gives financial gain for their investment of time and money. The American Ostrich association provides education, answers to queries and discussions relating to the distinctive characteristics of the ostrich. Through media opportunities, the general public continues to find out how ostrich has become the choice livestock for the American farmer as well as a healthy meat on to consume in hand-picked restaurants. The AOA continues to be at the forefront of a real inheritance trade. Members of the AOA still turn out a locally-grown, top quality product that customers like. AOA members that are meat producers have access to the registered “Certified American Ostrich™” brand to use on their packaging to insure the best quality and correct labeling. Registered “Genuine American Ostrich Leather™” and “Certified American Ostrich Oil™” are accessible to member businesses that serve those marketplaces also. The AOA seeks to provide its members with tools they require to assist them achieve the trade. The American Ostrich Association organizes webinars, member networking, periodic meetings, conferences, forums. The AOA is devoted to representing the American Ostrich trade internationally through education, research work and development, cooperation with other industries and entities, positive ways of selling & promotion, support to government and other organizations. The AOA’s goal is to invariably be the premier organization that defines implements and supports the best quality Standards for American Ostrich product to make sure the continued long-run growth of the trade. The Ostrich Quality Assurance Program (OQA) is employed in conjunction with the AOA Registered trademarks. The aim of this program is to provide producers the information and training to determine and cling to standards of quality assurance in our trade.

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