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Ontario Horticultural Association

Ontario Horticultural Association is a charitable enterprise, volunteer whose assignment is to provide management and help in the promoting of schooling and hobby in all regions of horticulture and related environmental troubles in Ontario, thru an expanding network of horticultural societies devoted to the beautification of their communities.  Ontario Horticultural affiliation pursues its project via presenting presents for trees and community beautification projects at some point of Ontario. growing packages inside the areas of Conservation and the surroundings, adolescents and horticulture. supplying support to member horticultural societies in  form of shared insurance plans, promotion, speaker lists, system manuals, volunteer recognition, projects, activities and internet web sites. keeping an annual conference and offering academic opportunities for individuals.The OHA will create a supportive surroundings for gardeners of all ages. we are able to foster the boom of our member societies and encourage the usage of green horticultural practices to sell the the conservation of our environment, manufacturing of food and  the beautification of our communities. since 1906, the Ontario Horticultural association has led Ontarians in all matters horticultural. Our organization is an vital a part of this province's cultural fabric. The OHA tree is led by using an executive that includes representatives from every District. it is supported through the interest of avid gardeners all throughout Ontario - from the seashores of Lake Ontario to the shield united states of Northern Ontario. although OHA members love a flower show, far greater of their time is spent working on network beautification tasks, making plans and implementing sustainable surroundings initiatives, and giving seminars and talking to related companies.


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