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North Carolina Sod Producers Association

The North Carolina Sod Producers Association (NC SPA) was incorporated in 2001 and represents Sod growers in the state of North Carolina. It produces quality turfgrasses to meet a variety of residential, commercial, recreational, sports and turf needs. The North Carolina Sod Producers Association is dedicated to the preservation of the natural resources to the state and the quality of life for North Carolinians. They work to achieve this by continually seeking new members who are quality growers. The North Carolina Sod Producers Association enhances by keeping the members well-informed of the latest research findings and regulations by encouraging quality sod within the industry by distributing solutions to common sod problems. It promotes a prosperous and strong sod industry in the state of North Carolina.  The North Carolina State University with the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP) works as partners in Turfgrass Program to conduct balanced reviews of North Carolina's regional turfgrass cultivars. This hard process contains of multi-year studies studying cultivar performance under the same maintenance regime and while in the same location.  Turfgrass plays an important role by building more than 150,000 employees and the local economy as a part of North Carolina's $8 Billion dollar green industry. Spray painted logos of the, TCNC (the Turfgrass Council of North Carolina), NC State University's Block S and NC SPA (North Carolina Sod Producers) line the hillside located on the Northern slope of the State Fairground's Exposition building. This representative display of togetherness does in fact have its "roots" in reality. This organization works individually and together to help promote North Carolina turfgrass education and outreach. They are a main resource for turfgrass experts and serve as an excellent starting point for homeowners who are looking to find information regarding grass sales, certified lawn care professionals, installation, sod and more.  To the Certified Turfgrass Professionals it is important to maintain North Carolina's beauty and serve as bailiffs of the land. This is the reason they are required to maintain applicator's pass certification and licensing necessities above and beyond NC State laws.

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