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North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association

North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association was incorporated on July 24, 1986 by a group of agri-business representatives and small grain producers across the state. The main vision of the North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association is Providing Positive Change for Small Grain Growers from 27 years. It is a non-profit corporation formed to promote and encourage, develop more effective and efficient small grain marketing and production to participate in all problems relation to the benefits of small grain producers. The main Goals & Objectives of Improve Marketing opportunities, Provide quality products to consumers, Support research and extension services,      Find new markets and uses for small grains, Develop strong leaders to voice in support to small Grains Work with programs to protect our environment and conserve natural resources, Improve opportunity for profits, Solve production problems and improve yields. The main mission of North Carolina's agricultural bounty is to promote the consumers in North Carolina State, across the country, and around the world. Through wholesale channels and retail grocery stores also through farmers the professional marketing employees sell directly to the public daily to promote NC goods. They work to build awareness of the vast array of products grown by the neighbours, harvested at the peak of quality, and promptly offered for sale to the consumer. 

The list of the programs include helping agribusiness companies grow; market agritourism; advocate aquaculture and seafood; provide grading for poultry, vegetables, fruits and grains; distribute commodity pricing; boost vegetable and flower production; put on the NC Mountain State Fair, operate four regional farmers markets; assist in livestock marketing; operate three agricultural centres;  and even provide nutritional information on NC foods.

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