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North Carolina Potato Association

North Carolina Potato Association was incorporated on 1928 and is the oldest commodity association in North Carolina. The farmers in the north eastern coastal regions formed the association with an intention to provide funds for the improvement of their potato industry by means of promotion and research of their potato crop. They decided that it would beneficiary if all of them worked together.  Thus, the commodity association in North Carolina was formed. Today, the decision making process is handled by the association, an elected executive committee and board of directors. The representatives from the association who are Elected attend meetings of the National Potato Council and the United States Potato Board. President appoints the Committee to handle different aspects of business operations such as promotion planning. This is a non-profit organization facilitated by rules and regulations prescribed by the board of directors. It is headquartered in the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Service Northeast Marketing Centre. North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Service marketing specialists work with the North Carolina Potato Association to assist in supporting North Carolina potatoes throughout the Canada and United States. The main production area is in the coastal plain near the rivers and salt water sounds of commercially grown Irish potatoes in North Carolina. The highly productive, mild temperatures, fertile soils and ample rainfall provide an ideal situation for potato production. The main office of the North Carolina Potato Association is in Elizabeth City, at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Service Northeast Marketing Centre. 

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