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North Carolina Pine Needle Producers Association

This association was integrated on 1988 by the producers apprehensive with improving proficiency in their industry. It has been planting since 1980's. The main resolution of this association was to maximize the mutual benefits from the consumer to the landowner of pine needle production. The NCPNPA has been supporting the planting of longleaf pine seedlings ever since the mid ‘80s and with three million acres planted; there is a more than sufficient supply of Mother Nature’s perfect mulch.  The longleaf Pinus palustris is a very significant species native to the South eastern U.S.  Support of the longleaf pine needle industry covers the continuation of longleaf pines and all other species original to their ecosystem.

Pine needle is long-lasting, cost-effective covering that range easily and never compacts. Pine needles conserve buffers extreme temperatures, moisture, and do not harbor fungus or termites. Sites are beautified wherever pine needles are found, all without destroying a single tree. Pine needles are Mother Nature's perfect protection. Common uses include: residential and commercial landscapes, natural areas, pet bedding and flower beds, pathways and livestock barns. 

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