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North Carolina Nursery and Landscape Association

This association is a 501 (c) 5 non-profit membership Association of firms concerned in the welfare of North Carolina's green industry, with prominence on the nursery and landscape industry. The North Carolina Landscape and Grounds Maintenance Association and the North Carolina organization of Nurserymen combined on 2006 October 1ST  it vertically combined membership includes retail garden centres, landscape firms and growers.  In addition, North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association has membership sorts for industry suppliers, horticulture students and educators. The North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association purpose is to be a flexible, environmentally-conscious organization, knowledgeable, responsive, providing the landscape and nursery industries with leadership, business advancement opportunities, technological and information services. North Carolina Nursery & Landscape ultimate goal is to profit its member’s economic, personal and professional growth. In 2002 Green Industry Grant Program was established by the Organization of Nurserymen projects that would include Marketing, Education and Membership Development. There would be special grand’s allocated and maximum grant amount request for 2016 is $2,000.00. The support the development of superior landscape plants North Carolina Nursery & Landscape Association work together with NC State University. The goal of this New Plant Program is to present new plants that will provide better business chances for the members. In count to the overview of exciting new produces for North Carolina's green industry, the program funds the continued development of association products and services to benefit the members.  

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