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North Carolina Herb Association

North Carolina Herb Association was incorporated on 1987 and is a non-profit organization.  This group is an official state commodity group and have advisors from the NC Department of Agriculture, Consumer Services and NC State University.  Its main drive is to promote the marketing, production use of herbs and herb associated products through education and research.  It does this by sponsoring and encourages high values of conduct and quality of products within the industry

The membership accepted by laws and articles of integration were filed Herbs were very popular in the U.S. in the 1980’s.  In North Carolina, small nurseries and greenhouses went up around the state to please a growing demand for fresh culinary herbs. In 1985 a marketing expert with the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, acknowledged the many prospects that herbs presented and called a meeting of ten people with herb businesses to discuss starting a new service group.  Thus established the North Carolina Herb Association (NCHA)., that became the steering committee of North Carolina Herb Association. The first annual meeting was held in February 1986 in the Greensboro Agricultural Centre. There stood 240 people in presence for a day full of exhibitions on how to grow and use herbs and deliberations on the future direction of the organization.  It was there that the principal Board of Directors was designated.  That board was a determined and wholehearted group and rapidly organized the first Herb Day at the state Farmers’ Market in Raleigh.  This occurrence was held two weekends per year for many years.  The winter conference was the signature event of the organization and was held in a different city every year. The North Carolina Herb Association has changed in various ways from the past 25 years, but the mission remainders the same.  

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