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North Carolina Fisheries Association

It was formed by Commercial fishermen (NCFA) in 1952 to serve fishing families by guarding their inheritance and supporting seafood. To achieve this, the organization actively lobbies state, local and national policymakers on behalf of the business and engages in many education projects and outreach. Over six decades later, North Carolina Fisheries Association trusts the commercial fishing industry begins and ends with families – from those who harvest seafood to those who enjoy it. We are dedicated to awarding an accurate sketch of the industry and the people who sustain it. The North Carolina Fisheries Association Fisheries Association is dedicated to find solutions to these pressing difficulties and safeguarding commercial fishermen will endure for generations to come. To accomplish its goal the association lobbies local, state and central policymakers – giving voice to fishermen, industry and customers at the many conferences where serious decisions are made. It is one of the largest organizations committed to strengthening the conserving fisheries resources, fisheries profession and advancing fisheries science. It includes primary and secondary seafood processors, direct-support industry members, and seafood brokers and distributors.

These businesses primarily from Washington, Alaska and Canada yield a wide diversity of shellfish and shellfish products, and distribute them worldwide. A trade wind is a bi-monthly publication owned and published by North Carolina Fisheries Association, Inc.

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