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North Carolina Egg Association

In North Carolina, Egg production is an important segment of the agriculture industry. These Industries orders 7th in North Carolina commodity receipts. North Carolina egg farmers are found all around the state from Hyde County to Cherokee County. They have around 9 million birds which lay more than 7 ½ million eggs a day. A person eats about 260 eggs /year; they produce enough eggs to feed North Carolina. Hens lay an egg about once every 26 hours and usually skip a day in the week.

There are modern cage systems, vegetarian feed, free running houses, organic feed, specialty branded eggs and white and brown eggs, such as egg land’s finest being produced in North Carolina. There is also Eggcyclopedia, where we can admittance the latest egg info from A-Z. The Eggcyclopedia was developed by the American Egg Board (AEB) on behalf of America's egg farmers who are dedicated to caring for their hens and manufacturing high-quality eggs for you and your families. This contains procedures for safe handling and storage, governmental regulations and safety practices on egg farms preparation at home and in foodservice. Egg Safety Centre is supported by United Egg Producers002E.   According to North Carolina Egg Association   as an egg ages, it takes in air and loses moisture and carbon dioxide.  This causes the white to spread and thin out, the yolk membrane to weaken and the yolk to flatten; making it more probable the yolk may break.  

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There are Food Safety Associations which root in the foodservice diligence to help us protect customer health, improve employee performance and preserve business reputation. Some of These societies are working on specific topics such as Renal Pathology, Digital Pathology, Veterinary Pathology, Molecular Pathology and Plant Pathology etc. Some of the Pathology Societies in different parts of the world are as follows:

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