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Rural Association of Uruguay

The Rural Association of Uruguay or ARU Established in the year 1871 is the coordinator of a portion of the greatest occasions in the nation relating to the agriculture and the domesticated animals segment. As an Association, it is established to defend and support the interests of the agricultural creation and corresponding and derivative enterprises, the headway of rustic labourers on each level: human, ethical, cultural and economic, unity and harmony among those dedicated to agriculture. The primary reason for this coordinator is to advance these enterprises through the occasions and add a stimulus to their financial development. The exhibitions organized by this coordinator start improvements in the rural life of Uruguay. This Montevideo based organization has facilitated various effective occasions till date and is one of the business sector pioneers of this industry. In the third National Rural Fair, the Rural Association grabbed the open door that various makers were in participation and they chose to embrace another ground breaking venture: the First Livestock-Agricultural Congress. The principle subjects were: country economy, domesticated animals/farming measurements; agrarian property registry; enactment and country approaches. In 1912 the Rural Association of Uruguay was allowed control over every single future presentation by the administration under President Jose Batlle y Ordoñez.

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