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Agricultural alumni seed improvement association

The improvement for the Alumni Association Agricultural Seed Inc., was founded in 1938. The area of ​​company's activity consists of operating farms that produce soy products. The mission of agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association, Inc., is to provide support nationally for the promotion and improvement of agriculture thro ugh the research, production, testing and sale of certain lines hybrid seeds and seeds. Filed under Soja. Our records show it was established in 1938 and incorporated in Indiana. Current estimations show this company has annual revenues of $ 20 to 50 million and employs a staff of about 10 to 19.
Ag Alumni Seed has worked hard to earn its leadership position in the development and release of high performance corn hybrids. With this position comes the responsibility to concentrate efforts and resources on the needs of popcorn processors and producers. From Dr. Bruce Ashman revolutionary work to advances in performance that occurred over the past twenty years, under the direction of Dr. Max Robbins, director of research Ag Alumni Seed, to ongoing research by Dr. Fernando Enrique Cardenas and Pablo Vergani our breeding team Popcorn, Ag Alumni Seed has itself set up as the first global supplier of high performance, high quality corn hybrids that provide different amalgamations of regional adaptation, maturity, disease resistance, yield, kernel size and popping expansion and other features that the industry demands.
Most of our seed is produced by our own highly experienced professional staff in our factory in 2,600 acres near Romney, Indiana in the heart of the US Corn Belt. By producing our own seed, we ensure that we are growing and delivery of high quality products as possible. All our seed lots are inspected tested and certified AOSCA (and as necessary ISTA) standards by an accredited independent, ISO certified and USDA. All popcorn seed lots are GMO free certification. Ag Alumni Seed develops and also markets relatives wheat seed stocks of soft red winter and oats, as well as the supply and cultivation contract packaging services to the global seed industry.

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About Agricultural alumni seed improvement association

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