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National Association of County Agricultural Agents

The NACAA is founded in 1996. It is the professional Extension organization aims to make Extension and agriculture stronger. The association is geared towards the extension educators and other professionals who work in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and natural resources, aquaculture and Sea Grant, community development, youth development, administration, and related disciplines.

The NACAA aims in advancing the professional status of specialists and extension agents with agriculture-related extension appointments. Encouraging, promoting, and providing professional improvement for all members, platform for the exchange of ideas, techniques, and methods. Represent professional interests of members in public policy matters and affairs. Promote public confidence, respect, and esteem for cooperative extension and recognizing professional excellence of it.

The mission of the association is to develop the professional improvement and personal growth opportunities for its members and professionals, cooperation, and communication among all extension educators; provide for enhancement of the image of extension.

The goals of the association are: Promote the Extension educator as a trustworthy, educational resource. Enhance their leadership skills.

Increase participation in association programs and activities, including the annual meeting and professional improvement conference, and professional improvement programs.

Strengthen the involvement in the association of early career agents, minorities, and women.

Enhance association’s visibility with USDA-Cooperative research and extension services and the Land-grant universities.

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About National Association of County Agricultural Agents

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