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The Ecological Farming Association is a non-profit educational organization founded in 1981 when the first ecological farming conference was held at the Firehouse in winters, California. For over three decades, EcoFarm has facilitated the inception and continued development of an ecologically sustainable and just food and farming system. EcoFarm's mission is to nurture safe, healthy, just, and ecologically sustainable farms, food systems, and communities by bringing people together for education, alliance building, advocacy, and celebration. Through EcoFarm’s consistent quality of programs, they have developed a far-reaching network of people, NGOs, and businesses committed to sustainable agriculture. EcoFarm’s education programs have reached more than 60,000 participants over 36 years. Their programs bring together a diversity of stakeholders in California food production to promote grassroots leadership and regional solutions to decrease the negative impacts of industrial agriculture on environmental and community health. Eco Farm has been a leader in building the California sustainable agriculture movement through educational conferences, training programs, on-farm events and communications initiatives conferences and on-farm events like the EcoFarm Conference, the Hoes Down Harvest Festival, and the Heartland Project, Farmer education through trainings on renewable energy and water and soil management allowing farmers to cut down on production costs while providing environmental benefits, Persuasive media presence through targeted outreach on important food and farm issues, through our action alerts, GE News, and email network.

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USA Agriculture and food safety Societies : There are nearly 152 ecological farming societies and association in United States of America which covers wide range of ecological farming fields which includes agriculture, organic science, rural development, food system, fisheries, etc.  Many national, international, worldwide societies and associations are present in USA. Some societies are also located in different other countries, whereas their head offices are located in USA.  As of today approximately 42 Agriculture Societies, 30 food system and technology societies, 10 organic material Societies, 15 fisheries societies are located in different parts of USA  such as Baltimore, Chicago, Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Illinois and Ohio.

European Agriculture and food safety Societies : In European region there are almost 145 ecological farming societies and associations located in UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and Netherlands. Next to USA, Europe is considered to have excellent research facilities and infrastructures. There are almost 63 Agriculture societies, 24 food system and technology Societies, 12 fisheries Societies, 42 organic and rural development Societies. These societies were established with an aim of improving the scope and interaction among the researchers and the scientific world.

Asia-Pacific Agriculture and food safety Societies : Asia is the largest and the most populous continent. There are many ecological farming societies and associations in different countries, which will be almost 75 societies in number approximately. Majority of the societies are located in Australia, China, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and Singapore. In Asian countries there are around 18 agriculture Societies, 10 fisheries Societies, 15 food Association and Societies, 12 rural development Societies and many other societies on diverse field are present in Asia- pacific countries which are contributing towards the research world.

Middle East Agriculture and food safety Societies : Societies and Association located in the Middle East region are almost 76 in number. These are mostly located in Turkey, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. In Middle East, nearly 14 agriculture Societies, 12 fisheries Societies, 14 food Societies, 10 rural development Societies along with many other societies, associations and organizations are supporting the researchers and scientists to accomplish their researches in the particular research field.