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Midwest Dairy Association

Midwest Dairy weaves through 100 more years of dairy history. Farmers in Iowa, Missouri and eastern Kansas formed Midland Dairy Association in the year of 1971. Their counterparts in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota combined their state promotional organizations in the year of 1993, forming the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council of the Upper Midwest. These 2 main larger organizations joined forces in 2000, forming the Midwest Dairy Association and adding dairy farmers and territory in the area of Arkansas, western Kansas & eastern Oklahoma. American Dairy Association of Illinois joined Midwest Dairy a year after the thing. The American Dairy Association/Dairy Council of Nebraska became part of Midwest Dairy Association in 2011.

Dairy farmers in the Midwest invest 15 cents for every 100 pounds of milk they sell. Midwest Dairy Association are receives 10 cents property of this mandatory funding for regional programs. The remaining five cents went through the National Dairy Board to provide a fund national promotional, research and export programs.

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The annual world trade in milk products (excluding intra-EU) amounts to 33 million tonnes, valued at US$ 10 billion. Barely 6 to 7% of the world milk production is traded internationally. The bulk of the world dairy trade is in cheese, butter and powders.

American Dairy Societies : Holstein Association USA is the largest dairy breed organization in the world.Almost 15 Dairy institutes are being located in US - United States, 70 per cent of the dairy industry is cooperative. Dairy programmes are subject to more Government participation or regulation than most other domestic agricultural industries in the USA. The latest US Department of Agriculture (USDA) World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimate report marginally increased the forecasted figure for US 2016 milk production, UK levy board AHDB Dairy has reported. The September report increases by 44 million litres on the August forecast, which puts the 2016 US milk production forecast at 93,476 million litres. The 2017 forecast was also increased, up to 95,194 million litres, an increase of 1,718 million litres on the 2016 projection. This is down to an anticipation of a growth in milk yield per cow.

European Dairy Societies :In United Kingdom, all the milk produced by farmers is procured by the cooperatives. Private dairies are required to buy their milk requirement from cooperatives. New Zealand has no private sector dairy plants. As many as 90 per cent of dairies in the erstwhile West Germany and 100 per cent in Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden are in the cooperative sector.

Asia-Pacific Dairy Societies :  Dairy development in India has been acknowledged the world over as one of modern India’s most successful developmental programme. Today, India is the largest milk producing country in the world. China has become a significant player in the global dairy market. Southeast Asia accounts for over 13% of worldwide dairy imports due to its limited production