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Argentine Agricultural Society also known as the Sociedad Rural Argentina is part of the economic and political history of the nation. While the society was newly founded in 1866 it already existed since the beginning of 1860 in an attempt to solve problems related to the farm and to organize entities to settle the problems of the field. The conflicting political time was not an obstacle of for the pioneers for the advancement of the society. Its objectives expressed not only to defend their own interests. To the contrary, they were manifestation of the over riding national needs to achieve the development of a stagnant economy, resources naturals. Aquellos full of visionaries like Eduardo Olivera, Jose Martinez de Hoz and other authentic forgers of our land territory, crystallized their longings, the July 10, 1866, with the founding of the Sociedad Rural Argentina. The Rural Society Argentina, founded in 1866, is a Civil Association has the following purposes: to ensure the agricultural heritage of the country and foster its development in its natural resources, as in the incorporated by the efforts of its people; promote stability and rootedness man in the field and the improvement of rural life in all its aspects; contribute to the improvement of techniques, methods and procedures applicable to rural tasks and the development and advancement of complementary and related industries, and take more effective defence of agricultural interests.  It also has important centers of education and training of three levels: the Center for Studies and Research for Leadership Agroindustrial (CEIDA), which trains leaders of the sector; the Higher Institute of Research, Education and Agricultural Extension (ISEA), tertiary education; and the Agricultural College of Realicó , under the Rural Society Argentina, an educational establishment midlevel forming young graduates with agricultural orientation Realicó located in the province of Foundation La Pampa.

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