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Canadian Anaesthesiologists Society

With a total membership of 5 people, CAS started its journey in the early year of 1943. Prof HR Griffith became the first President of the society and thus CAS began its functioning. It held its first meeting in Toronto on 24 May 1944. The CAS became the brand ambassador of national specialty society for anaesthesiology in Canada. What started as a not-for-profit, voluntary organization became leader and excellence-bearer in anaesthesiology, perioperative care, and patient safety.

It represents 3,000 members all over Canada and the world and is devoted to endorsing brilliance in patient care through research, education and advocacy. The Annual Meeting is the largest anaesthesia meeting in Canada with more than 1000 attendees. In 2011 the Society also received the Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Award.

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About Canadian Anaesthesiologists Society

The practice of medicine devoted to the care of the patient before, during and after surgery is called Anaesthesiology. They are specialists in recovery, pain management and intensive care of the patients. There are many Anaesthesiology Societies in various regions of the world that strive for the research work in the field.

US Anaesthesiology Societies: The USA has more than 35 International Anaesthesiology Societies along with innumerable national Anaesthesiology associations. Many of those societies and associations are in the area of Florida, Illinois, Texas, California, etc.

European Anaesthesiology Societies: European region leads the race of having maximum number of Anaesthesiology Societies with maximum of them in British region. With more than 35 Anaesthesiology Societies in British area itself, the European region tops the research activities in the world.

Middle East Anaesthesiology Societies: Middle East countries like Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan etc. are leading research areas by location in the field of Anaesthesiology. Although the number of Societies is less yet significant advances occur from these areas.

Asia Pacific Anaesthesiology Societies: There are more than 50 Anaesthesiology Societies in the Asia-Pacific Region with locations in India, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, China, Japan, etc.

Anaesthesiology Society Conferences: Almost 30 meetings are scheduled to be held on the Anaesthesiology for the year 2017-18. These meeting will bring together many Anaesthesiologists from all across the world.