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Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses (AMSN)

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) is the characteristic nursing association devoted for practicing medical-surgical nursing. AMSN is an energetic society of above 10000 medical-surgical nurses who are responsible for the improvement of patient care, evolving privately and provisionally, urging for the specialty of medical-surgical nursing, and contacting with others who share their empathy and commitment. The strategic goals lie on workplace urgency; evidence-based work, research and knowledge; provisional development; national leadership and influence; and societal health. The mission of AMSN is to induce excellence in the area of medical-surgical nursing. Medical-surgical nursing is a specialized with its own body of knowledge. Medical-surgical nurses use their powerful voice and focused action to continuously develop patient care. They believe that the patients receive better care when nurses: Engage in current professional improvement, Use evidence-based practices, Speak with a undivided voice, Serve as heads on healthcare teams, Have the necessary resources to provide excellent care, Practice in a healthy environment.

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Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses (AMSN) Conferences

About Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses (AMSN)

All around the countries of the world, such numerous Academies of Medical Surgical – Nurses are present which provide help to the patients undergoing surgery through the utilisation of nurses for the benefit of the society.

American Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses : Among countries like Canada, USA, Philadelphia, California and some others, almost 57 Medical Surgical – Nurses Academies exist where the nursing courses are taught by the experts to provide care for the after – surgery patients.

European Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses : About 67 Academies of Medical Surgical – Nurses are located in Germany, London, France, and Portugal etc. in different parts of Europe.

Asia-Pacific Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses : From within China, japan, India, Australia, New Zealand, more than 177 Academies of Medical Sciences – Nurses  are there which are serving the gradual development of the people by treating them after a long or short time surgery.

Middle East Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses : Nearly 42 Middle East Academies of Medical Surgical – Nurses have grown for the upliftment of the population health.

Conferences of Academy of Medical Surgical – Nurses : A fixed number of Annual Meetings and Conferences are organized every year to make the people present in the society to receive the perfect awareness programme regarding nursing and surgical works.