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Arthur Purdy Stout Society

The prestigious Arthur Purdy Stout Society was found in 1947 by an organization of surgical pathologist, who named it after the famous American surgeon and pathologist Arthur Purdy Stout. The members of this society are dedicated to scholarship in surgical pathology.  The Arthur Purdy Society of Surgical Pathologists are comprised of professionals are motivated enough to dedicate their excellence in research, practice and teaching in the subject of surgical pathology. The subject surgical pathology is defined as the dedicated subject to the diagnosis of disease related to observable cellular and tissue changes in specimens removed from living patients.


  • The primary aim of this society is to help professions in the field of surgical pathology and surgical cardiologists by the means of education and research.
  • To publish materials related to the latest finding in the field of surgical pathology.
  • To strengthen co-operation between local and international organizations, with common goals in the field of surgical pathology and other medical specialties.
  • To study the domain of surgical pathology in details and to motivate professional development in the field of surgical pathology and encourage students to take up the subject.
  • To encourage the peak standard in the teaching and practice of surgical pathology and through brainstorming in group discussions, panels, forums, lectures and other informative program.  

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About Arthur Purdy Stout Society

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