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The purpose of this Society is to unite the orthopaedic surgeons of Kansas by encouraging the science and art of orthopaedic surgery and promoting best musculoskeletal care for the people of the state. The Annual meeting of Kansas Orthopaedic Society will be held in September yearly. Steve Kearney of Kearney and Associates represents the Kansas Orthopaedic Society in the Kansas Legislature. Their National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference in Washington, DC provided good meetings with their legislators. They had four items on their agenda to discuss with the legislators. The first dealt with HR 4077, the Quality Health Care Coalition Act of 2014. This would keep health care professionals from federal antitrust trial in contractual negotiations with a health care plan. It would permit physicians to advocate on behalf of the patients in developing ACOs for example. The next topic was as usual, repeal of the flawed SGR: HR 4015, S 2000. We urged action by the end of this year but it doubtful there will be any action until after the elections. The third item was Athletic Access to Timely Health Care: HR3722, S 2220. This offers legal safety for sports authorities who travel to other states with an athletic team to deliver care. There is a lot of variability among states about who would be permitted to provide care in these situations .Finally, they cheered continued support and implementation of policies that progress and maintain access to necessary orthopaedic care. All their legislators understood these issues. Denise Lantz is the Executive Director Kansas Orthopaedic Society. National Orthopaedic Leadership Conference (NOLC) are organised annually by Kansas Orthopaedic Society. The physical educational links of Kansas Orthopaedic Society are The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, The Kansas Medical Society, and Kansas State Board of Healing Arts.

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There are about 265 Orthopaedic Society worldwide. The orthopaedic society concerned with correction of deformities or functional impairments of the skeletal system, especially the extremities and the spine, and associated structures, as muscles and ligaments. Some of the Orthopaedic Societies in different parts of the world are as follows:

American Surgeon Societies: There are several societies working on different field, out of which almost 80 USA Orthopaedic Societies and associations are present.  These societies and association are located in Maryland, Florida, Washington, Illinois, Argentina, Pennsylvania and California.

European Surgeon Societies: More than 50 Surgeon Societies in Europe are contributing towards Orthopaedic research activities through their annual congress, journal and newsletters. Majority of these European Orthopaedic Societies and Associations are located in Belgium, Ireland, Cyprus, Germany, UK and Italy.

Asia-Pacific Surgeon Societies:  There are almost 35 Asian Orthopaedic Societies. These associations are situated mostly in Japan, Korea, Singapore, India and China. These societies were established in different time periods by renowned orthopedician and scientists working in this field engaging the orthopaedic community to develop leaders, strategies, and resources to guide the future of musculoskeletal care.

Middle East Surgeon Societies: In Middle East almost 35 Orthopaedic Associations are present. Societies in Middle East are involved with Breast Surgeon, Knee Surgeon, Vascular Surgeon Plastic Surgery Surgeon and Orthopaedic Surgeon. The orthopaedic societies are located in Dubai, Iran, Israel, and Turkey.

Orthopaedic Societies Conferences: There are almost 120 Orthopaedic Meetings and conferences which are scheduled by these societies for the year 2016 and 2017 in different parts of the globe. These international Orthopaedic Conferences and Orthopaedic Annual Meetings are intended to bring together all the recent researches, new innovations and findings in a global platform that inspire the orthopaedic community to excellence through leadership..