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The Orthopedic Research Society (ORS) is an expert, experimental and therapeutic association devoted to progression of orthopedic examination. The mission of the Orthopedic Research Society is to propel the worldwide orthopedic exploration plan through magnificence in examination, training, coordinated effort, correspondence and support. The Orthopedic Research Society is devoted to expanding of assets for examination, and expanding consciousness of the significance and effect of such research on orthopedic patients and people in general. Also, the Orthopedic Research Society advances and empowers the improvement and accessibility of clinician-researchers and fundamental researchers to guarantee that there is proceeding with examination endeavors whose outcomes will shape a premise for giving the most noteworthy nature of musculoskeletal consideration. With the dedication of the general public to enhance the scholastic research, the general public has embraced the accompanying activities: Starting open access Journals: the general public trust diary fills some needs. The Society of Orthopedic Research give a stage to the scientists to distribute and internet distributed will help the work achieve wide gathering of people. The diaries of the general public are interested in access, so free Literature is accessible to all. Preparing through production is another aphorism of the considerable number of diaries having a place with the general public and center is on specialized articles and recordings. The general public likewise trusts diaries are critical devices to prepare academicians in craft of distribution and exploration which is key around the world. In light of this the general public began its first Orthopedic Journal in 2011 and is currently beginning some all the more new claim to fame diaries. The general public additionally leads unique preparing programs for Research strategy and PC abilities. Unique workshops on postulation composing are led consistently for Research procedure and PC abilities as well. Uncommon workshops on postulation composing are directed routinely. The general public additionally has online case exchange gathering, which has very nearly 12,000 orthopedic specialists around the globe.

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Society conference, meetings and events acts as an excellent bridge between the researchers across the globe. These meetings are wonderful global platform for knowledge exchange, sharing, networking and collaboration. With the similar intention and motive PULSUS through is all set to explore series of Medical Conferences in USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions throughout the world during 2017-18. These conferences will focus on different topics such as Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Nutrition and  Food safety, Gastroenterology, Immunology, Nephrology, Neurology and Psychiatry, Nursing and Palliative care,  Oncology and  Pathology , Ophthalmology, Surgery,  Toxicology,  Pediatrics and many more.


There are various Oncology Societies around the world, both national and universal. Some of these Oncology societies are chipping away at particular subjects, for example Breast cancer, Cervix uteri cancer, Colorectal cancer, Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Oesophagus cancer, Prostate cancer Stomach cancer, Melanoma skin cancer, Childhood cancer and so on. A portion of the Oncology Societies in various parts of the world is as per the following:


American Oncology Societies: Oncology Societies are included more than 2,200 Oncology specialists (MDs and DOs) from the US and abroad who represent considerable authority in the consideration of patients with cancer conditions and different conditions related. USA is thought to be the center point of examination which goes in favor of the various Oncology Societies in Europe. There are a few social orders chipping away at various fields, out of which very nearly 92 USA Oncology Societies and affiliations are available. These social orders and affiliation are situated in Virginia, South Dakota, Kentucky, Washington, California and South Carolina.


European Oncology Societies: More than 87 Oncology Societies in Europe are contributing towards Oncology research exercises through their yearly congress, diary and pamphlets. Dominant part of these European Oncology Societies and Associations are situated in Belgium, Cyprus, UK and Hungary.


Asia-Pacific Oncology Societies: There are very nearly 46 Asian Oncology Societies taking a shot at Breast cancer, Cervix uteri cancer, Colorectal cancer, Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Oesophagus cancer, Prostate cancer Stomach cancer, Melanoma skin cancer, Childhood cancer and so on. These affiliations are arranged for the most part in Japan, Australia, South Korea, India and China. These social orders were set up in various eras by prominent oncologists and researchers working in this field.


Middle East Oncology Societies: In Middle East right around 37 Oncology Associations are available. These social orders are sorting out yearly and half-yearly Oncology Annual Conferences in Dubai, Oman and Abu Dhabi. Oncology Societies in Middle East are included at Breast cancer, Cervix uteri cancer, Colorectal cancer, Liver cancer, Lung cancer, Oesophagus cancer, Prostate cancer Stomach cancer, Melanoma skin cancer, Childhood cancer too. These International Oncology Conferences and Oncology Annual Meetings are planned to unite all the late inquires about, new developments and discoveries in a worldwide stage.